Friday, December 21, 2007

How to get really fucked up in almost any way legally

Apparently they are schedule II and even though they are available easily and are used legitimately, they ARE technically illegal.

Periodically legal high threads pop up. I'm not talking about fatty OCS' legal high thread (about how to get fucked up on damiana or whatever), we're talking real drugs that fuck you up as hard as anything else. HOWEVER most of the legal ways of getting really, really fucked up involve more side effects than their massively illegal counterparts. I, fortunately, experience, very few side-effects so I can content myself easily with most legal things (except acid, there is NO substitute).

Forgive me for any spelling errors as I am starting to crash and am waiting for some poppy tea that I am making. I will edit/correct any mistakes later. I am posting this because I want to get people's feedback and input on these substances.

Unless you are going to get an adderal prescription which basically means getting a therapist and/or meeting with a psychiatrist (or if you are lucky just talking once or twice to your doctor ), there is really only one easily available/legal way of getting a real upper high: Benzedrex

There is a thread on Benzedrex right now:
Also it is discussed extensively in the thread on "legal study aids"


Well what is it and what does it do?
Benzedrex is a brand of OTC inhalers sold in most large pharmacies for 5-6 dollars a piece. In some places they run out very quickly as they seem to be surprisingly popular (and subtly addicting at first). They contain 250mg of the active ingredient Propylhexedrine which is (apparently?) chemically similar to Amphetamines. At the very least, its effects are, to me, indistinguishable. Though it should be noted that people who have long histories of abusing uppers tend to find it a "dirty" high that isn't worth it. But fuck it. It is legal, and it works damn well for me and others that I know.

Well how do I take this foul smelling shit?
You take the lid off and pull on the white tube sticking out. It will come apart with moderate force and there will be a piece of cotton inside slightly over an inch long and about 1/3 an inch thick. THIS IS GOLD. From this point, you can progress in a couple of ways. Personally, I take the cotton rod and pull it apart somewhat (enough to loosen it up) and throw it in a liter of soda to cover the taste (I prefer diet coke, though something with sugar would probably be a good idea, actually). Then you shake it up a bunch. I usually drink a few sips, reclose it and shake some more. I normally do this on my way to work. I drink it over the course of two or three hours to get a more sustained buzz from it. Some people just chug it all which just sounds nasty to me. Surprisingly, it is really easy to drink the soda without drinking the cotton: it all clumps up sort of and floats to the top so if you tilt it upside down while you drink, you're good to go. I leave it near me while I work and shake it when I remember it every 15 mins or so as I keep drinking it.


And it does what?
It makes you fucking wired. I have a bunch of adderal in my desk right now and honestly, I prefer benzedrex over adderal. I don't do adderal often enough or in the same dosing pattern as propylhexedrine so I can't give a very good comparison of 250mgPropylhexedrine=xxmg of amphetamines. I have heard that 250mg of Prop is somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-45mg of adderal IR. I find that this stuff REALLY kills my appetite. I haven't eaten all day and I had maybe 1/3 of a ltier of benzedrex soda today.

Basically it gives you the insane energy boost that uppers generally do. I do construction and stuff that I normally could only do for an hour I can do for 6, 7, 8 hours. I find it mildly euphoric, though it has been noted semi-frequently to be more euphoric than adderal. As to its benefits for studying, I can't say too well in relation to adderal as they both make me get more distracted actually, but for energy it is amazing. HOWEVER, people generally report that it isn't as focused as adderal.

Man, is it putting holes in my brain?
No. Its effects, from what I understand (though I am by no means the last-word nor is it particularly easy to find tons of info on this stuff), are similar over the long-term to abusing any other upper. Like anything, overdose can occur, but generally, if you stick to one, or TOPS 2, you will have nothing to worry about. Remember, it is a stimulant and it makes your body work faster so you need to keep your body fueled: drink water and eat if you can, though


Well it sounds good, what is it?
This is the stuff inside of Vicks (or generic) inhalers. If someone wants to actualyl write something on it, go ahead, but my experiences with it now that I do benzedrex fairly regularly has basically left me pretty unimpressed. It will get you wired, somewhat and can be prepared similarly to benzedrex, BUT I find the side effects (jitteriness and nausea sometimes to be much worse -- it also makes it impossible to sleep in a way that addy/benzedrex doesnt and not in a helpful way either).

I used to be a massive fan of downers until I discovered uppers and decided that they are about 25x more fun than downers. I like that I can get shit done on them. However for the downer-fan, there are two sure-fire ways to get an awesome quasi-legal downer experience. The first being poppy pods (illegal to own, illegal to process into tea, but who the fuck is going to know if you keep your window blinds down). The second is Kratom, which is entirely legal though eating it may be a legal grey-area.

There is a thread currently going on poppy pod tea:
Poppy Pods -- legal to buy AND they fuck you up HARD? sign me up!
That said, opiates fuckin rock also, except they are illegal and can be a bitch to get an expensive. Well thankfully our country, amusingly, has not made cultivation or possession of poppy pods illegal so you can head over to good ol' and search for poppy pods. When buying pods, you want to buy the biggest ones you can (8-10" in circumferance if you can) as the alkaloids present in smaller pods are almost entirely codeine, whereas in the larger pods, they are mostly morphine.

So what the fuck do these things from ebay do?
They sedate the fuck out of you. They are definitely a different "high" than you'd get from Oxycodone or hydrocodone, where those will make some people rather energetic, I find poppy tea to be SUPER sedating. Like I take it and I just do not move. I feel great and I feel mildly drowsy (easy to stay awake if im not at a nodding dose). Pot, somehow, potentiates this stuff about 10x better than it does oxy or hydro, which is saying something. Pot and poppy tea turns me into a nodding mess of euphoria and clumsiness. God music sounds great like that.

[siren]IMPORTANT: DOSE[siren]
If you buy large pods and you have a decent opiate tolerance, Start with three large pods. If you don't have a tolerance, start with 2 pods. I will explain how to prepare the tea next, but FIRST READ THIS: when you make new tea, it can vary considerably in strength -- enough that you can overdose if you are careless. The first time you make a batch of tea you should drink maybe 1/3 of it at a time every hour so you dont overshoot the fun spot. The line between "mmmm nodding hard" and "oh fuck opiate overdose time to throw up for 3 hours" can be pretty fine. SO BE CAREFUL PLEASE.

So, um, I have some weird rattly pods, what now?
Now you want to break a hole in them and dump the seeds out -- you can save the seeds as they will be good for another batch of tea at some point (though be careful because seed tea can vary GREATLY in potency and unwashed seeds straight from the pod are going to be pretty insanely potent.

(guide to tea partly taken from Aeon)
1. Grind/chop the pods up into little pieces. The smaller the better. Blenders work well.
2. Boil some water (I use maybe a liter for three pods).
3. Pour the ground up pods into the water. (some people add some lemon juice).
4. Mix and let steep/simmer for about 20 minutes minimum. Because I use so much water, I like to cook it down to about a cup. (you don't need to worry about damaging the morphine, as it doesnt break down until about twice the temperature water boils at)
5. Filter out the plant material. You can save this for another extraction, although you will need quite a bit more to make it work as well.
6. Flavor that shit! I personally add sugar and half and half and it actually tastes kind of like coffee. Pretty good actually. Some people use chai tea or black tea. Making coffee with some boiling opiate water would probably work pretty well actually.
7. Enjoy. BUT REMEMBER TO DOSE SLOWLY your first couple of times with a new batch of pods.

[siren]Remember, you are abusing morphine/codeine/misc. other alkaloids and these are really, really addictive. You do NOT want to do this daily and probably not more than once or twice a week, TOPS. opiate addiction will sneak up on you, especially when you have a big box of beautiful poppy pods sitting in your kitchen. [siren]

Can I go to jail for this Hell yes. If the cops bust in and you are grinding up pods then you are in the process of manufacturing a controlled substance (I believe). Whatever charge you'd get, it is illegal and possibly/probably a felony. However if you shut your windows and blinds and dont do anything else to get the cops called (smoking pot really obviously or playing really loud music), it will be fine.[/b][/u]

Remember, this is indistinguishable from morphine/oxy/heroin abuse on most standard drug tests, so if you are getting tested, this is out.

Man, I've done this every day for a week and I haven't pooped. What do I do? Remember to take a break at least once a week to poop if you insist on stupidly doing these regularly. You probably almost never will if you don't take a break.

What about this kratom shit I hear about? aka I don't want to become an opiate addict quite yet
I have yet to personally try Kratom though I understand it to be possibly the best legal euphoric analgesic/sedative out there.

has a lot of great information on it. I could copy/paste the OP, but he says it better than I ever could and, unlike me, can answer questions far better. I am not seeking to start a new kratom/opiate/whatever thread, rather to raise awareness and to get feedback on these.

However, I will say that from everything I have heard/read Kratom does officially sound like the real deal. but don't get addicted to it, it is apparently almost as addicting as opiates.

Well uppers and downers are great, but I want to trip balls.
You're in luck! Surprisingly, you can trip your nuts completely off legally. Probably the two main ways are with DXM (a dissociative probably closest to Ketamine, but with very complex effects of its own) and LSA. DXM is a drug people either love or hate (seems about 50/50 too). LSA is a drug that most agree would be about 50x better without the nausea.
Apparently the extraction process here:
works pretty well for getting rid of the cyanogenic-related nausea. As the OP of that thread says, any hallucinogen can give you nausea, but the extraction will make it so you at least aren't getting poisoned.

LSA? Thats like LSD isn't it?
Yup It is simply Lysergic Acid Amide, whereas LSD is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. So how is it different? Well for one, you can order it off the internet easily, legally, and have it at your door in two or three days from Bouncing Bear Botanicals. They have good seeds (that I have tripped on, anyways). I suggest Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds as they are easier to prepare and to calculate doses. I simply chewed them up straight, however most people find their own way of masking the taste (earthy -- they taste fine the first time, but you develop a nasty taste aversion to them). Morning GLory seeds also contain LSA, but I have no experience with them and understand HBWR to be more predictable and easier to deal with.

So how does LSA compare to LSD?
Well that depends on you. It really is different for everyone. If you want to get an idea of what LSA is like, read the experiences thread and read the Erowid trip-reports on LSA -- most of them are pretty entertaining reads actually. I personally prefer LSD considerably because it tastes good, works well, has a very comfortable body high and really just all around kicks ass. However, I found LSA to be far more mental -- though that was partly because I took it alone the first time I did it (but even after that first time, it still struck me as more mental than my acid trips have been). But again, set and setting. However, the CEVs on 9 HBWR seeds have yet to be matched by anything. The fractals/fireworks you see with your eyes closed can be almost too intense. I spent an hour laying in my bed moaning about "oh god the visuals.... the colors... so intense..." once. However, otherwise, there is definitely considerable overlap between LSD and LSA and I suspect that they wouldn't be all that different (if you do an extraction on LSA seeds) in comparable set/setting/dose.

As with any hallucinogen, set and setting will define the experience more than anything else, really.

So I have some seeds and I'm too lazy to do an extraction what now? Do I really need to do an extraction?
No, you don't really need to do an extraction. I have had good times on them without extracting them, though after my third trip, I built up too much of a taste aversion to them to ever eat the seeds again. I got almost no body load the first time, more the second, and a little more the third. By body load I mean the nausea from the cyanide contained in the seeds. If you are going to do much LSA, however, I recommend extracting them, if you are able.

[siren]Remember, LSA can make you trip every bit as hard as acid if you take enough. Just because it is legal, don't underestimate it. I took 9 or 10 my first time totally alone and it is a miracle that trip didn't go bad -- it was INTENSE. Almost certainly one of the most profound drug experiences of my life (over many trips on shrooms and DXM and acid). It took me a day to reconstruct my personality. Don't take these lightly -- you will probably want a day afterwards when you have no major responsibilities just to process the trip.

how many of these little things do I take?
For people between 130 and 190 take 3-5 for a light trip, 6-8 for a medium to heavy trip and 8+ to trip balls. If you weigh more, maybe add one more, if you weigh less, take maybe one less. I really do not suggest doing LSA alone, moreso than I would acid. LSA feels... wilder... to me, for some reason.

Are these legal?
LSA seeds are entirely legal to buy and grow. Consuming them is technically illegal, but I can't imagine how they would know or prove it. You're in the clear.[/b][/u]

Have fun!

DXM: AKA ew fuck syrup no
This is the currently active DXM/dissociatives thread:

and this is the old, now closed, one with A LOT of information and experiences of DXM:

The OP in the DXM threads says everything you really need to know about DXM, but I will summarize a little here.

What does DXM do and where do I get it?
DXM is a dissociative hallucinogen that is probably the most common over-the-counter anti-tussive (cough-suppressant) out there. Almost every preparation of cough syrup contains DXM as its primary active ingredient.

[siren]IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO DXM MAKE SURE THE ONLY INGREDIENT IN IT IS THE CHEMICAL CALLED "Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide" sometimes it will be abbreviated to "Dextromethorphan HBr". You may see a "Dextromethorphan Polistyrex" which is an extended release version that will make you trip about 2/3 as hard for about twice as long. Unless you are really, really experienced with DXM, you want the first one, the Hydrobromide one.[siren]

DXM's effects depend entirely on the dose. BE AWARE ALSO THAT DXM DOSE ISNT CALCULATED BY TOTAL DOSE OF DXM BUT BY MILLIGRAMS OF DXM over KILOGRAMS of body weight. (such as 2.5mg/kg (which would be a 100kg person drinking 250mg of DXM). DXM has four plateaus, or levels. In a way, DXM is like 4 drugs in one.

First plateau is sort of like being high -- you appreciate music more, generally feel mildly euphoric, sometimes you get a lot more talkative.

Second plateau is like being drunk and high but thinking clearly. DXM always leaves my thoughts surprisingly clear, though I'll have the coordination of a blind drunk. Second usually consists of really bizarre (but really fun also) oddly mechanical or robotic sort of movements as you begin to dissociate. I find music incredibly enhanced by this point. Walking/cuddling/dancing becomes really fun, albeit totally retarded looking.

As you head to third, most people prefer to be in as dark of a place as possible for some reason and... it can be kind of hard to describe, the DXM FAQ by William White linked in the DXM page describes it best, probably, but to briefly attempt to describe third, you dissociate your mind from your body and start to live in yuor head. I have gone on walks down the street to the store that seemed 100% real in my head all while laying down in the dark. If you are going to go to third or fourth plateaus, read up al ot more about DXM as they can be incredibly intense.

[siren]As with LSA, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE DXM just because it is legal, it can fuck you up in a way every bit as intense as acid or mushrooms. It is not to be taken lightly. You may need some time to recover the next day, many don't, only yo will know. However, from a second or low third trip, I have almost never heard of anyone having a negative experience as it is more "fun" at those levels than profound.[siren]

What if I just want to get stoned? I'm not into all these heavy drugs and shit
Well go buy some Spice or Spice Gold. It is expensive, like marijuana and it will legitimately get you fucked up and you can read about it in its thread here:

man, what do I do with this stuff?
Smoke it like you would smoke weed, dumbass.

Are you one of those assholes who thinks that Ambien is a great time? Are you stupid? Are you Insane? Do you like being fully psychotic?

Well then you'd love fucking around with benadryl/dramamine. Datura is in this category, but you really would have to be fucking retarded to do Datura knowingly.

Benadryl/dramamine will make you hallucinate stuff, but in a way largely indistinguishable from full on psychosis. You will have conversations with people that aren't there. You will see animals that aren't there. Odds are very good you will freak yourself out horribly and probably anyone around you.

Sounds cool? Well it isn't. Trust me. It isn't worth it, it really isn't. Just do not do it. If you do, start with maybe 150mg and dose up in incrememnts of 50mg until you find a dose that works. YOU DO NOT WANT TO TAKE A HUGE AMOUNT OF THIS STUFF UNPREPARED. That said, it sucks ass anyways and you shouldnt do it.

Well this is the list of drugs that are legal and easy to obtain that will fuck you out of your mind should you so choose. Obviously they have more rough edges than their entirely illegal counterparts, but I'll be damned if benzedrex isn't some awesome stuff and if poppy tea isn't the best legal drug out there (well legally obtainable drug).

So what have your experiences been on these, any feedback on this write up? I'd encourage discussion of these more in their respective threads as I was just posting here to raise awareness that you don't need to commit 15 felonies in public just to get fucked up. Instead you can commit the felonies in your kitchen where it is safe.

If people have feedback or suggestions of additions/changes on any of the substances I mentioned, post those here and I will change them.

Somehow I forgot to mention Salvia and Nitrous. I'll add a brief summary of it later I guess :P


CRAZY said...

bomb ass advise man, but i have a question, do any of these show up on a pis test and if so how long???? hit me up

Anonymous said...

haha badass i've had the pleasure to try most of all of these, and yes poppy pods are the shit, and benzedrex fucking rocks :D woop woop A+ on all your info [:

bneet said...

I've had A LOT of experiences with just about all of these. But my favorite (And probably easiest to get and easiest to use) would have to be either Benzedrex or Levmetamfetamine(Which is found in Vicks inhalers/or generic. With both of these drugs I just cut the cotton tube in three pieces and just swallow them with a drink of juice to avoid the Lavender/Menthol taste. (have had no problems doing this) The buzz you get from the two is very similar. I get a lot more talkative when i'm on Benzedrex, but I have the desire to get up and DO more with Levmetamfetamine. Once you've tried them both, take one of each and THAT gives the perfect balance between body buzz, feeling wired, and the desire to get up and do something.
Thats just me though

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Unknown said...

Propylhexedrine from benzedrex and some high end kratom, an hour ago, and I feel fuckin awesome. Great advice here

Joshua Whizeman said...

I am a long time advocate of most of these drugs. DXM has been a part of my life for the last 10 years. With it I've delved into my pshyce and learned much about myself and my spirituality. I agree that one should be very cautious while choosing their DXM source. TYLENOL KILLS! Also please take heed to the fact that just b/c it comes from your local grocery store, dosnt make it safe. This compound had every bit of psychoactive potential as PCP. Treat it with care folks, start slow, it may not be your cup of tea.. To say it is a unique drug, is an understatement, but its one ive come to respect,utilize,and love. I have done almost every compound known to man with the exception of a few 'research chems (4-FMP). So im not just some poor junk kiddo who does what ever he can get his hands on. Also:propylhexedrine(benzedrex) has a warm spot in my heart... Or is that a myocardio infarction im feeling :p #staysafe.hydrate

Joshua Whizeman said...

I am a long time advocate of most of these drugs. DXM has been a part of my life for the last 10 years. With it I've delved into my pshyce and learned much about myself and my spirituality. I agree that one should be very cautious while choosing their DXM source. TYLENOL KILLS! Also please take heed to the fact that just b/c it comes from your local grocery store, dosnt make it safe. This compound had every bit of psychoactive potential as PCP. Treat it with care folks, start slow, it may not be your cup of tea.. To say it is a unique drug, is an understatement, but its one ive come to respect,utilize,and love. I have done almost every compound known to man with the exception of a few 'research chems (4-FMP). So im not just some poor junk kiddo who does what ever he can get his hands on. Also:propylhexedrine(benzedrex) has a warm spot in my heart... Or is that a myocardio infarction im feeling :p #staysafe.hydrate

Maineiac70 said...

I am a regular propylhexadrine user for about a year now on a semi-daily intake...1 Benzedrex inhaler cotton orally 3-4 times a week and it's a terrific substance I self-educated with for battling treatment resistant depression and agoraphobia\social-phobia. It's been a Godsend. As others have said ,be careful and use it wisely and hopefully it can help others. Thanx for the site!!!

Brandon Jordan said...

Benzedrex gave me a false positive for meth. Be careful with that one

Angela said...

Sounds like the DEA wants a two-year Schedule 1 classification for two reasons:
1. They know that a prolonged Schedule 1 designation will wear down the opponents of the ban.
2. It gives Big PharMa the opportunity to corner the market and charge outrageous prices to patients,

Time for the DEA to be DOA - the war on drugs and on people suffering from chronic pain will go down as one of the darker chapters in history. Meanwhile, not a single Wall Street Bankster who crashed the economy and ruined MILLIONS of peoples lives has done the perp walk. For more information: Kratom